Armenian cuisine is one of the best cuisines in Transcaucasia and what makes Armenian food one the best is that it is melting pot of many cultures and flavors. The cuisine reflects the history and geography where Armenians have lived as well as sharing outside influences from European, Russian and Middle Eastern. It boasts so many amazing tastes from some of the best cuisines.

Armenian food is a flavorful one. Think vegetables, meat and fish cooked with plenty of spice. The most popular dishes include lamb, eggplant and lavash (flatbread) – always served with various types of cheese and plate of Herbs and Vegetables.
As tourism growing very fast in Armenia and due to high demand of Halal Food now many Restaurants are offering assorted Halal Food.

Top Dishes.
Some of the dishes are very popular in Armenia and it’s easy to find at any Restaurant all around the country and they are!

1- Armenian Barque (Khorovats)
The Armenian kebab (or khorovats) is one of the national dishes – delicious skewers of lamb, beef, pork or chicken khorovats served with grilled vegies such as Tomato, Green Pepper, Eggplant & Potato




2-Armenian mixed Vegetable Dolma.
In Armenian and Middle Eastern cuisines, dolma refers to stuffed vegetable dishes, most often wrapped in grape or cabbage leaves, zucchini squash, eggplant, tomatoes and bell peppers. “If there’s anything Armenians love to stuff it is fresh vegetables.




3- Lahmacun – The Armenian Pizza
It is a flat rounded thin dough topped with spiced lamb hash meat and vegetables onion, tomato, pepper and parsley, then baked in special oven. the way to eat it is by folding your slice. For your own preferences you can squeeze the served sliced fresh Lemon on top.




4- Fishes
Fishes are among one of the top dishes in Armenian cuisine usually served fried, grilled, steamed or boiled.
Armenia is famous by having vast choices of freshwater fishes. the very famous one is The Sevan Lake trout (Salmo ishkhan) the Prince in Armenian Language Sig, Karmrakhayt an Armenian river trout with distinctive red dots and Sterlet are also very famous.





5- Harissa
Very special, powerful and historical Armenian dish called Harissa.
This delicious and filling dish is made with two simple ingredients: peeled wheat and meat. Traditionally it is lamb and chicken. As simple as it is, Harissa also requires a good amount of time, stirring, patience and love.




6- Arishta 
Arishta is an Armenian home-style pasta, made with a bit of browned butter to give it a rich flavor.  Make the most of fresh mushrooms and herbs with this tasty pasta. Excellent food for vegetarians.




7- Ghapama
Ghapama is an Armenian stuffed pumpkin dish. It is prepared by emptying the pumpkin from the guts and stuffing it with rice and dried fruits such as chopped almonds, apple, cornel, apricot, plums, dates, prunes and raisins




8- Churchkhela (Natural Grape & Walnut Candy)
The Churchkhela might be familiar for some of tourists who visited Caucasus countries
Armenian Churchkhela or ARMENIAN SWEET SUJUK is a thread of walnuts dipped in thick flavored grape molasses and dried in the sun. one of the most popular and healthy candies.




9- The Armenian Gata
Gata is simply the most beloved Armenian desserts. It is a pastry with similarities to croissants, but with a personality of its own Crisp from the outside, flaky within, with spirals of vanilla-laced sweetness throughout, it is a divine dessert any time of year.




10- Armenian Pakhlava
Armenian Paklava is a sweet dessert pastry made of baked layered dough filled with chopped walnuts spiced with cinnamon and cloves. sweetened and held together with syrup, frosting or honey

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