Dental Care

An eye-catching Hollywood smile is not only the symbol of beauty and health but also the key component of self-confidence. Dental tourism has been a progressing trend in Armenia attracting loads of patients from abroad to seek professional dental treatments at a reasonable cost.

Prices for extensive reconstructive and restorative procedures can reach to several thousands of dollars, but luckily nowadays patients don’t need to sacrifice quality over the price. 

Average prices of dental services in Armenia are relatively more affordable for patients compared to most European countries.

Armenian specialists offer high quality dental services and advanced technologies equivalent to international standards.

If you want to get a charming smile and simultaneously spend your holidays in a beautiful country with ancient history, cultural treasures and open-air museums,   combine the useful with the pleasant.

In Armenia you will get a full range of dental procedures of any complexity, from preventing cleansing and whitening to complex surgical interventions. Moreover, here you will find the best implantation with the highest level of treatment, experienced and attentive staff, reasonable prices and a guarantee for the work done. Return home with a confident smile and unforgettable sightseeing memories.

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